Yesterday the Dodgers celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of Dodger Stadium. The first game played at Dodger Stadium was on April 10th, 1962. The same day K was born. She was fated to be a great Dodgers fan. She died when she was just 39. K was my soulmate and best friend. It gave me great joy to watch Clayton Kershaw throw seven strikeouts (7 Ks) knowing she would’ve loved Kersh.

I made a donation to Kershaw’s Challenge in her memory. It’s good to remember. Even better to remember through baseball and through giving hope.

Photo via 4/10/12-Something Current-LAD Photo Gallery-Home Opener vs Pitt-Photography by Jon SooHoo/ Los Angeles Dodgers « Dodgers Photog Blog.



  1. DB

    I first fell in love with the Twinkies – the navy blue cap with entwined red and white T&C and the snap closure reaching all the way around to my ear. Sitting with my uncle in the old Metrodome, holding his hand in the last inning of the game………Just watch, Emy, he said. Hrbie is going to hit a home run and win the game……..Kent Hrbek, towering 1st baseman, stepped up and delivered a blast that just cleared the wall, brought in 3 runs and that was the game for the Twins. Saucer eyes, mouth agape…….how did you know, I kept saying. How did you know he would do it?

    The Twins have long been a lovely team to believe in – Series and playoff success, a humble demeanor with ownership and management that squeezed the special from a lower payroll and fewer stars. The odd players of renown who adore their Minnesota and eschew all others and inspire loyalty and love from fans that knows no end –
    Hrbek who grew up in Minneapolis and spent every inning of his professional life as a Twin, the amazingly multi tooled Joe Mauer who legend has it struck out only once in his entire high school career………He could play anywhere, he wants to be here at home……they tell you time and again. The pain and pride of Kirby still lingers – the squatty body heroics of Puckett in center field and a legendary reciprocal worship between cities and star. Until the ugly came out. My aunt still grasps and shakes her head in pain at the mention of his name. ………Everyone loved him so, he had such a beautiful family, whatever he touched turned to gold…….. It so can hurt when our idols tarnish.

    The Twins play now at Target Field. Before the Metrodome they played at a place called Metropolitan Stadium. It was torn down decades ago to build the Mall of the Americas. Harmon Killebrew once hammered a 533 foot homer into the second row of the second deck there, shattering two wooden seats. Imagine that – enough velocity to travel 533 feet and still snap wooden slats into splinters. The Twins never sold those seats again – left them as a monument to the majesty. When they built the Mall of the As they took a replica of those seats and attached them to the wall at the exact height and spot of Killebrew’s monster shot. It is there today – looming over the Log Chute ride.

    Bob Kostas says baseball is a game a young girl or boy can understand and relate to on an equal level with an adult – a leveling, a first window into an adult world of investment and hope, of action and consequences. And so it is. It is well known – when you pass that spot at the Mall, you look up and nod in respect……..Harmon Killebrew’s Red Chair, you say.

    • Shannon

      I love this story. Everything about it. Every single thing. I can’t stop rereading it.

      It’s magical the way baseball intertwines past with present with hopes for the future. I imagine every game winning home run brings your experience of Hrbie’s with your uncle back to you.

      The spectacle and connectedness of baseball–the all of the humanity of it. Killebrew’s Red Chair making us stop, and look upward.

      I’m grateful you shared this with me.

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